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Vahiny- Pneumatic Tube System

Towards an
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Based proudly in India,

Vahiny is a modern industrial technology service provider that specializes in providing a Pneumatic Transport System to a diverse range of industrial units. Our company was established in 2018, with the aim of resolving intra-industrial transport problems by modernizing and making operations more quick, efficient and reliable.

Pneumatic Transport System

Grow Your Business the Effective Way

Here at Vahiny, we provide our services at the highest standards and always strive to perform better. With the wealth of knowledge and expertise, our founders have acquired over the years we have successfully built a state-of-the-art Pneumatic Tube System that will tick all your requirements.

As a virtue of our team of seasoned experts, we ensure smooth and effortless installation and functionality at all times. Following a client-centric approach, our dedication and customer service remain consistent across projects of all magnitude, from a small pathology lab to large industrial plants.

Our Mission

With our advanced Shoot System, we aim to transform every industrial unit in India; small or big and help them achieve unparalleled service standards and increased profits. Our ultimate goal is to make our system accessible to all industrial organizations in the country and help them unleash the full potential of their infrastructure and create a much more seamless and stress-free work environment.

Shoot System

Why choose us?

Pneumatic Tube System

Industry-leading hardware and software

Designed by our founders with years of research our sophisticated Pneumatic Transport System have been developed to operate under diverse scenarios and deliver promising results. With features like remote operation, carrier tracking, high-speed delivery and versatility of delivering specimens up to 5 Kg our system is all your facility will ever need. With a combination of cutting edge software and hardware, our system will not only make your facility easier to operate but increase the profits as well.

Pneumatic Transport System

Developed by Indians to meet global need

At Vahiny, we don’t leave anything to chance and understand the challenges faced by staff in operating new technologies. Hence, along with keeping our interface extremely simple and easy to use, we have made operating even easier by providing our software in local languages like Hindi and Gujarati.

Shoot System

Customized Services for all needs

We listen carefully to your needs, requirements and expectations to completely understand and deliver exactly what you seek. We customize every project according to our client’s needs and go the extra mile to surpass the expectations at all phases of the project. Nothing is of little importance at Homebrew and we prioritize customer service over everything.

Pneumatic Tube System

Learn, Improve and Upgrade

Our team conducts extensive market research and dives deep into the usage of our Shoot System on regular basis helping us adapt and optimize our systems even better.     

Pneumatic Transport System

Your Business is our Concern

From the moment we take your project to execution and completion we ensure that all our promises will be fulfilled and you’ll achieve the desired results. We understand the scale and implications of our work and hence efforts of our team will be directed towards your satisfaction at all times.

Shoot System

Giving back to our community

We consider ourselves blessed to be a pioneer in India of a modernization that aims towards providing a higher quality of healthcare and lifestyle to the masses. We wish to elevate the healthcare and technological standards and establish India on a Global scale with a reputation of a modernised and developed country.