Pneumatic Tube System

Vahiny is cardinal service providers of Pneumatic Tubing Technology in India catering to all transport needs within the working premises. Our technology uses partial vacuum and a series of tubes to empower industries with quick and effective transport of important goods in the workplace.

Pneumatic Transport System
Shoot System
Pneumatic Tube System
Pneumatic Transport System
Shoot System

3 Simple Steps to use Pneumatic Transport System

We have developed Pneumatic Transport System with a simple software. Our Pneumatic Tube System user interface is renowned for its unparalleled user friendliness and can also be operated by unskilled staff. All it takes are three simple steps to transport materials.

Pneumatic Tube System

Step 1

Put material in the carrier.

Vahiny Pneumatic Tube System

Step 2

Put the carrier into the smart station.

Pneumatic Transport System

Step 3

Select destination code on the touch screen.

The carrier will reach swiftly to its designated location without altering the configuration of the specimen.

Shoot System

We are

Proudly Indian

We have remodeled and reconstituted a western technology accordingly to suit the demands of the Indian market. Our software is available in many local languages varying from Gujarati to Hindi so that there is an Indian feel to it. The availability in local languages and the simplicity of use will make Shoot System accessible without any specialized training.

Pneumatic Tube System

Salient features of the Shoot System

Maximum weight: 5Kg

Speed: 4-7 m/sec

Can cover long distances

Hygienic and spill proof carriers

Silent and swift

Specimens that can be transported

Blood specimens and cultures

Medicines and drugs


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Nose and throat swabs

Test reports

Hospital bills and forms

Blood bottles from the blood bank

Glucose bottles

Small medical and surgical equipment

No effect on results

Our trusted technology is supported by WHO and it is confirmed that Pneumatic Transport System do not affect the results of medical tests. WHO favours our technology by stating that:

Pneumatic Transport System
  • Percentage of haemolysis during transport - does not affect the results.
  • Quality of total blood cell count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, blood coagulation tests, total and differential leukocyte count also remains unaffected.
  • No significant impact on results of Hb, PT, aPTT, plasma potassium and LDH.

The fact that Pneumatic Transport System do not alter the configuration of samples is also proved by many researches. Click below to read the research.

Benefits of using Pneumatic
Transport System

Connecting different units of a hospital

Our technology allows various units like Patient’s registration, examination room, emergency room, laboratory, hospital pharmacy and blood bank to be connected directly to the patient’s bed. This way our technology reduces the time and manpower needed for intra-hospital transport.

Additional care to patients

Our Shoot System is here to look after the transportation requirements within the hospital. This will enable hospitals to devote more time and attention towards the patients. Allotting additional staff will enhance the coherence of your facility and take it to a world class level.

One-time investment

Hiring of skilled personnel to transport medical specimens reduces the efficiency of healthcare facilities. Homebrew Applications offer a one-time solution to cater the transportation needs which will make any hospital work effectively without any additional burden on the budget.

Adjust speed according to specimen

Our Pneumatic Transport System are designed to support all needs of your organisation. With our advanced speed customisation option, you can adjust the system to meet the requirements of transport in every specimen.


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