Pneumatic Tube System for Hospitals & Healthcare facilities

Hospitals come across emergency situations on an everyday basis and every second counts in the Emergency room. This is where our technology comes into play and we help the doctors save crucial minutes by providing a swift, safe and shock free transport of medical specimens.

Pneumatic Transport System

Pneumatic Transport System applications in other industries

At Vahiny, we have extended the technology of Shoot System according to various Industries. We custom build our technology in a way that suits your needs and our every project is custom built to cater the needs of individual workplaces.


Food Sector

In large food factories and dairies there is a need for quick and continuous communication between the production unit and the quality management. Detection of a single defective produce leads to discarding of the entire batch. Pneumatic Tube System play a prominent role in establishment of communication and transportation of materials between the two units of the food sector.

Shoot System
Pneumatic Tube System



Foundries require swift transport of hot raw materials which are not easy to be carried manually. Shoot System technology offers a brilliant solution in this sector and is a growing favourite mode of transport in the industry.


Department Stores

Big departmental and large retail stores face issues to move goods from their Godowns to the retail section. An additional employment of staff was often the preferred solution till the establishment of Pneumatic Transport System. Our technology will equip you to effectively move goods without any additional skilled staff to save time and finances.

Vahiny Pneumatic Tube System
Pneumatic Transport System


Production Plants

Large production plants need quick and effective transport alongside their conveyor belts. Pneumatic Tubing Services offer the ideal solution to such production plants and improves their quality in addition to reducing time of production per piece.


Banks and Stock brokerage firms

Banks have shifted towards Shoot System for the transfer of cash directly from the cashier to the locker and to enable prompt withdrawals. A quick transportation system is a fundamental prerequisite of stock brokerage firms. The demand of our services in these sectors are extremely high because of the instant and uncorrupted manner of transport.

Shoot System
Pneumatic Tube System


Chemical and pharmaceutical applications

A modern well-equipped laboratory of chemical and pharmaceutical segment is essentially equipped with Pneumatic Transport System. The research and production units are both in equal need of our technology. Research team needs a transport system for moving hazardous chemicals and high temperature products across the lab. The calibre of Pneumatic Transport System to convey goods in a quick and unadulterated fashion offers a good solution to the production unit.



Looms are a fundamental part of the textile industry which provides a means of livelihood to 45 million Indians. There needs to be a constant transport between warehouse and production area in an efficient and well-equipped textile plant. This is accomplished by Shoot System by transferring frequent bearings and damaged parts right from the production unit to the warehouse.

Pneumatic Transport System